From Authors.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cecelia on several projects over the last few years.

She has been instrumental to my professional growth and development as an historian and public intellectual. Thanks to her critical eye and expertise I have won national awards and landed a fantastic book contract with a commercial publisher.  I highly recommend Word to scholars who wish to take their work to the next level.

Daina Ramey Berry, University of Texas, Austin
Author of The Price for their Pound of Flesh:
Black Bodies for Sale in the Building of America

Working on a book project with Cecelia Cancellaro is like having the kind of hands-on editor that no longer exists at most publishing houses.

Her literary sensitivity, her astute judgment calls, and her great literary tact cannot be matched. Not least, Cecelia’s unflappable temperament helps take the sting out of the inevitable trials of the book business in today’s grim marketplace. She made me believe in my writing when my ego was feeling flattened. A writer’s dream, especially if, like me, you are an anxious author.

Nancy K. Miller, The Graduate Center,
City University of New York
Author of Breathless: An American Girl in Paris


Cecelia is knowledgeable, super savvy, hardworking, and a true advocate for authors.  

Working with her taught me about the business aspect of writing without sacrificing creativity or rigor. She was a formidable negotiator and a tireless agent on my behalf.  

Kali Gross, University of Texas, Austin
Author of Hannah Mary Tabbs and the Disembodied Torso


I have had the good fortune of working with Cecelia Cancellaro for 25 years, as both an editor and my agent.

Her instinct is sound and her network vast. But even more impressive, one has the feeling that every book she helps bring into the world is a labor of love.

Paul Hockenos
Author of Berlin Calling: How Punk Rock, Anarchy, and Techno Shook the Wall and Transformed Berlin

Cecelia Cancellaro is a text whisperer.

She knows her clients and appreciates each of our unique voices. With eloquence and precision she helps writers see our projects to fruition. In my case, she has helped craft what became the book proposal for my last book and provided critical advice about finding the right publisher for that work.  

Laura Levitt, Temple University
Author of American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust


Cecelia Cancellaro is the most engaged editor I've ever worked with.

She's kind and quick, creative and attentive to details, an intellectual who is cleverly business-minded. Cecelia is an old-hand in the publishing world who brings freshness and delight to her work with authors.

Rickie Solinger
Author of Reproductive Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know

From mentor to advocate to cheerleader, it’s hard to overstate how valuable Cecelia has been to me.

Her unflinching faith, artful strategies, and keen eye have made her a powerful partner.

Kenneth Carter, Oxford College, Emory University
Author of Buzz! Understanding Thrill Seekers and the High Sensation-Seeking Personality



From Publishers.

Cecelia Cancellaro has carved out a unique niche in helping academic authors, particularly underrepresented voices, hone their prose and navigate their way to strong editorial matches. 

She has been unfailingly professional and a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her services.

Susan Ferber, Executive Editor
Oxford University Press

I’ve known Cecelia Cancellaro as a discriminating and lively publishing colleague for over two decades.

Having worked as both an editor and a developer/agent, she knows how to evaluate work sensibly and honestly, has good taste, and is a pleasure to work with to boot. The books we worked on together have both have been successfully developed and launched. I’m a big fan.

Chuck Grench, Assistant Director and Senior Editor
The University of North Carolina Press


Consistently smart and interesting.

Alane Salierno Mason,
Vice President and Executive Editor
W.W. Norton & Company

I’ve worked with Cecelia Cancellaro for years and never cease to admire the acumen, integrity and great commitment she brings to each and every project.

Gayatri Patnaik, Executive Editor
Beacon Press



From Universities and Faculty Development Programs.

Cecelia Cancellaro is very experienced in the publishing world. That much is obvious from her credentials. What is less obvious is that she has gleaned much wisdom about that world and is able to communicate it very effectively.

In her work she is able to inspire as well as advise, challenge as well as guide. Cecelia is a genuinely invaluable resource for people looking to navigate and succeed in getting their work into print.

Austin Sarat
Associate Dean of the Faculty
William Nelson Cromwell Professor
    of Jurisprudence & Political Science
Director, Mellon Project on Student-Faculty Research
Amherst College


Cecelia Cancellaro has been a tremendous resource for editorial support and guidance for our faculty authors.

Not only has she brought wisdom and insight to the writing and manuscript development process for her individual clients from the Emory University faculty, but she has also shepherded Emory faculty projects into publication as an agent. Cecelia visited our campus several years ago to advise our faculty on success in the current publishing environment, and the video of her presentation remains one of the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence’s most popular YouTube programs. Her knowledge of the publishing world as well as her deep understanding of the craft of writing and editing has made her an invaluable ally for our faculty.

Pamela Scully, Director
Allison Adams, Associate Director
Emory University Center for Faculty Development and Excellence